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  • Designed to offer smaller-framed hunters great balance and quick handling, the Stoeger® 20 Gauge Condor Over/Under Youth Shotgun offers the same quality versatility as the full-sized Condors.
Extended choke with diagonally-ported design for recoil reduction. Conical/parallel internal configuration.Easy to install and remove with your fingers. No special wrench or tool required.Fits 20g Yildiz barrels.Yildiz chokes are not interchangeable with one gun types.To ensure that you receive the correct chokes, it i

Nov 21, 2007 · Actually, on all of the Yildiz, it's 5- Cylinder 4-Skeet 3-Improved Cylinder 2-Modified 1-Full. I actually work at academy, and many customers don't want to believe it, but if you look at their website, or Briley's for that matter, it shows the types of chokes and what not. I've got a 12 Ga SPZ ME, came with them.

Mar 30, 2008 · Fuel Injection, Carburetion & Fuel System - Electric Choke wire - I was told that I need to run a wire from the back of the alternator (stator) to the electric choke to make it work right. I am putting this on a 77 Ford F250 with 460 and it did not have electric choke. THe carb in question is a 4 barrel holley that...
  • What choke system do you have? If you have any question about what choke system is in your shotgun please do … Why choose Colonial Choke and Tool? Colonial Choke and Tool offerings are US made with US sourced materials. …
  • Description Choke constrictions from Cylinder to Extra Full, in.005 inches (.127mm) increments let you precisely match your load to the shooting conditions. Long tube extends beyond the length of the muzzle, features highly polished interior for less pellet deformation; reduced fliers and tighter patterns.
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    The Yildiz A71 12 Gauge Semiautomatic Shotgun features a 2+1 - 4+1 round capacity, a walnut stock and a manual safety. The shotgun has a 28&qout; barrel with a mobilchoke choke and is designed for ambidextrous use. 6.83 lb.Features and Benefits. Condition: New; Semiautomatic action with 2+1 - 4+1 round capacity; 28&qout; barrel; Walnut stock; Manual safety

    A shotgun that can do it all at a price that nearly everyone can afford, the Stevens 320 pump-action was designed for versatility and affordability.

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    3.3 kg (Weights are approximate, dependent on wood density and barrel length.)

    Pro-Factor 2 fits: Berett Mobilchoke models, Benelli and Franchi Standard choke models Pro-Factor 3 fits: Remington Rem-Choke models, Charles Daly Multichoke models Pro-Factor 4 fits: Yildiz Over-and-Under shotguns (20 gauge), Yildiz Over-and-Under, Semi-Automatic, and Pump-Action Mobile Choke Shotgun Models (12 gauge).

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    Yildiz PRO SPORTING 12ga - 32" - Right Handed - Sporting Stock - Scroll Engraved - REF # 6061 Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best)

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    Jun 23, 2015 · If you don’t want the hassle of worrying about chokes, simplify your life and carry a few spreader loads in your vest pocket. Spreader loads are designed to disperse very quickly and can usually open up patterns one or two choke sizes without necessitating a choke swap.

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    Briley Yildiz Extended Choke, 12 Gauge Extra Full .040, YILX212XF , MPN: YILX212XF , UPC: 724436148234 , Code: XF-CB-BRI148159-YILX212XF. Briley Yildiz Extended Black Oxide Choke, 12 Gauge Light Modified .015, YILX2B12LM , MPN: YILX2B12LM , UPC: 724436203780 , Code: XF-CB-BRI148159-YILX2B12LM.

    After some months of experiment, I determined that I had the most consistent first-shot success with something called a Seminole spreader choke. This device is made in the USA. It might be described as a reverse choke: it has a section that extends from the muzzles and trumpets out to a greater size than the bore. The form of this section is ...

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    Just wanted to say thank you so much for the exquisite product, install and customer service that was provided to me. When I got the butt stock back the workmanship was seriously second to none and the quality of the product was beyond my expectations.

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    Krieghoff International is the Sales and Marketing Distributor for the K-80, K-20, Classic Rifle in North America with Service and Warranty Center.

24 inch. 26 Inch. 28 inch. 29 inch. 30 inch. 32 inch. Barrel. Fixed Choke. Multi Choke.
The Cavalry Over/Under with extractors comes in 12-20-28-410 gauge. Made from light weight high grade 7075 aluminum, the Cavalry series of shotguns weigh in at just over 6 lbs and feature an intricate laser engraved design. Triggers are single selective, chambered for up to 3" Magnum (2 3/4" on 28 Gauge Models), and come with 5 interchangeable chokes.
· Chokes like MOD,IC, choke-tube wrench and extra full turkey · Length- 49 5/8.” 3. Stoeger Condor
Sweet shooting gun. I don't have any pics, but its looks exactly like this.I can text/e-mail pics to serious buyers later this afternoon. I planned on doing some serious bird hunting with it, but I think I'm gonna stick to my 12 gauge for skeet and trap and leave my 30-06 and .308 to kill wild game.